reef  imperishable night touhou  fujiwara no mokou pompompurin reisen udongein inaba  !! 1girl 6 girls :d absurdres animal ears animal hat arm up arms up bangs bell black gloves black hair black hat black legwear black shirt black skirt black vest blue hat blue scarf blue skirt blush blush stickers bow breasts brown coat brown shirt bunny ears bunny hat bunny symbol chibi christmas ornaments christmas sweater christmas tree closed mouth coat commentary request cow crescent moon cross cup dated english text eyes closed fake antlers fur-trimmed hat garland (decoration) gift gloves green gloves green hair grey skirt grey sleeves hair between eyes hair bow hand on own face hat highres holding holding cup holding gift indoors long hair long skirt long sleeves looking at viewer looking to the side medium breasts merry christmas moon multiple girls neck bell nurse cap o o open mouth pantyhose party pinecone pink hair plaid plaid bow plaid neckwear plaid skirt pleated skirt purple hair red bow red eyes red gloves red neckwear santa hat scarf shirt short hair signature skirt smile snowman solo standing striped striped scarf stuffed animal stuffed bunny stuffed toy sweatdrop tape tying v-shaped eyebrows vest white bow white hair white shirt window window fog window writing wreath yellow bow yellow scarf