chan co  fate/grand order fate (series)  character request fou (fate/grand order) gilgamesh gilgamesh (caster) (fate) queen of sheba (fate/grand order) scathach skadi (fate/grand order)  4boys 6+girls :3 :d animal ears beard black leotard blonde hair blue eyes breasts bright pupils brown hair brown legwear cane chibi circus cleavage commentary request confetti elephant epaulettes eyebrows visible through hair facial hair glasses gloves grin hair over one eye hand up hands up hat head wings holding hoop hula hoop jacket large breasts leotard lion long hair long sleeves looking at viewer mash kyrielight multiple boys multiple girls one eye covered open clothes open jacket open mouth pantyhose pink hair ponytail purple eyes purple hair red eyes red jacket round eyewear scathach (fate) (all) sharp teeth smile sparkle string of flags sweatdrop teeth top hat twintails very long hair white gloves