asazuki norito  fate/grand order fate (series)  artoria pendragon (all) artoria pendragon (lancer) bedivere gareth (fate/grand order) gawain (fate/extra) lancelot (fate/grand order) mordred (fate) tristan (fate/grand order)  3girls 4boys abs ahoge animal ears bangs bare shoulders belt blonde hair blue eyes blue legwear blue neckwear blue pants braid breasts bunny boy bunny ears bunnysuit champagne flute cleavage closed eyes closed mouth collarbone cup detached collar drinking glass french braid green eyes grey vest hair between eyes hairband highres knights of the round table (fate) large breasts leotard long hair looking at viewer midriff mordred (fate) (all) multiple boys multiple girls navel navel cutout necktie open mouth pants pantyhose purple hair red hair shiny shiny hair short hair sidelocks silver hair smile sparkle spiked hair thighs tiara vest white leotard wrist cuffs